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Best CRM For Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage CRM creates a powerful competitive benefit for a loan officer by automating key marketing duties and scaling up LO follow-up with everyone from prospects and customers to referral partners. A mortgage CRM is the engine of productivity that permits you to market to borrowers, provide engaging content, meet compliance regulations and connect to all of the technology required to recruit the top talent in the mortgage industry. In this article, we will discuss the Best CRM For Mortgage Brokers.

As a mortgage professional, one of your biggest challenges is keeping a steady pipeline of repeat clients. Loan officers are often too busy to maintain up with the everyday management of their client list. As a result, they lose numerous clients almost routinely. 

Best CRM For Mortgage Brokers
Best CRM For Mortgage Brokers

What is a Mortgage CRM?

CRM mainly stands for customer relationship management. This is a technology for converging and orchestrating records of interactions with a company’s competitors and customers.

Sounds simple right? The truth is that it’s more difficult than it sounds.  Beyond customer and communication notes, CRM software usually includes marketing automation capabilities connected to a competitor and customer contact records.

As a loan officer or mortgage professional, you probably have a general view of what a mortgage CRM is and what it constitutes. Still, there are a number of extra functions that your mortgage CRM can and should provide.  

Is mortgage CRM software important?

Yes, having a quality mortgage CRM is important for your business. The bedrock of sustainable success in any business is the relationship between the business and its clients. Concerning the money lending industry, the quality and quantity of the relationships you can keep are the primary differentiators between one mortgage firm and another. There are a few questions to ask yourself to be capable to judge the strength of your database at this moment accurately.

How do you find the right CRM?

To consider and evaluate the effectiveness of your mortgage marketing CRM, you have first to comprehend the goal of having one in the first place.  A good mortgage CRM software will satisfy the following needs:

  • Enable you to close loans faster and more comfortably
  • Accurately facilitate your operation and marketing struggles
  • Substantially increase your pipeline

However, you can use certain general qualities or properties to consider if a CRM would be significant for you and your company in the long term.

5 Best CRM For Mortgage Brokers

When in the process of assessing the top mortgage CRM systems, we carried into consideration features, pricing, platforms, and thoughts. When selecting a CRM for mortgage loan officers, the system should have the knowledge to store information for local and remote access, it should effortlessly combine with other programs, especially LOS systems and analysis.

1. Keap:

All paid plans include entrance to a small business Growth Coach and 24/7 support. More than 2,500 integrations and developing. New e-commerce and native payment options create billing and invoicing easy. Powerful sales and marketing platform permits a variety of intuitive. automation that keeps the sales funnel growing. Keep is currently (and constantly) counting new marketing and landing page templates for consumer use.

Key Features

Text message marketing, including broadcast texts with some plans, is a unique feature Famous mobile app that offers a lot of the same functionality as the desktop app Dedicated business phone line that works on your individual smartphone New e-commerce and born payment options make billing and invoicing easy Brokers can easily upsell, cross-sell, and earn referrals

2. Zendesk

SellAles automation is worked for businesses with B2B and B2C clients. Helps small- and medium-sized businesses well. Sales pipeline features are made to increase sales productivity and lead conversion quickly. Support seems to be a problem for some reviewers. Some users report enjoying more out-of-reporting features

  Key Features:

  • Standalone sales automation module for combined campaigns
  • Includes a well-liked mobile app that is generous for any phone platform
  • Sales email intelligence is an advanced feature that assists manage customer information coming from email interactions
  • Native dialer tool captures valuable customer transmission data
  • Good integrations with multiple APIs and SDKs

3. Cimmaron

Focus on client satisfaction in the sales function. Solid functionality for customer management. automated marketing campaigns, and lead management. Nice amount of customizable templates and additional marketing materials. Many features available at upgraded pricing tiers are standard with other platforms. Pricing structure prohibitive to solopreneurs or short organizations

Key Features

Intuitive dashboard customization choices functional and client and partner mobile appGenerous integrations with LOS providers (at an additional cost, unfortunately)Two-way texting and contact chat function wonderfully (available only at Enterprise level)Ample automated marketing processes for every stage of the sales funnel4.

4. Whiteboard

Easy to operate with simple navigation and minimal top tabs. The strong mobile app permits users to manage communications, tasks, and records on the go. Exact reporting for all aspects of pipeline management. No built-in business phone procedure. Some reviews claim hardships with developing campaign content

Key Features

Combines well with many LOSCombines with real estates lead sites like Zillow and Realtor.comTeam communication elements for SMS and email built-in automation for telling a referral partner that a lender or broker is given solid automation characteristics for lead follow-up and paperwork

5. Pipedrive

Pricing options are inexpensive and incredibly competitive in the space. A lot of positive comments about how comfortable the platform is for learning. Integrates with hundreds of notable financial apps. Lacks some more refined features that benefit mortgage professionals. No more SMS inclusion

Key Features

Solid integrations with Calyx, LendingPad, and PropertyRadar. CRM structure and qualities are heavily client-focused, Customer portal provides real-time updates and permits you to access the capability to customize reports, pipelines, and dashboards, Chat and email help are available around the clock

How does a CRM impact your business?

The average human doesn’t like pressure and would do anything to sidestep it. A CRM that would confuse your borrowers – who are already probably worried about the loan they seek – would be counterproductive. One of the immediate purposes of mortgage marketing CRM is to decrease stress. Another thing you should consider is the time it brings to fully process one loan payment. If your system operates smoothly, you will close loans at a much more rapid rate.

With a good CRM offering good and easy-to-follow prompts, your clients can fastly fill out forms and upload documents. Also, if it takes too long for a potential customer to comprehend your prompts and do the paperwork, they may decide to opt out of utilising your services.


No doubt each one of these names has happy customers and loyal advocates. Hat advise to all. However, Keap’s suite of products, including Pro and Max, delivers features that support loan officers, such as pipeline management and customer management. In addition, Keap’s products can also assist brokers and lenders with their messaging, appointments, signed documents and above all, permitting more time to pay with clients, talking them through the ever—daunting loan application process, and trading apprehension for confidence as they make a better business relationship.


Do mortgage brokers use CRM?

For most industries, a CRM for client management isn’t just an amenity anymore. This is particularly true for mortgage companies, brokers, loan officers, and lenders.

What is CRM in the mortgage industry?

CRM mainly stands for customer relationship management. This is a technology for concentrating and orchestrating records of interactions with a company’s prospects and customers.

Do banks use CRM systems?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is essential in any customer-focused industry. For banks, it’s a particularly useful tool for meeting sales and marketing goals and exceeding customer expectations. 

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